KB 0003
Visual Studio reports missing license file after application setup package is run on development machine.


ActiveX Controls



After I package my application using a setup utility and then install it on my development machine, when I go back to Visual Studio design mode I get a 'license not found' error for the ASxxxx.ocx ActiveX control in the project and I have to reinstall ASxxxx.ocx to get the development capability back.

(ASxxxx.ocx refers to any Automated Solutions ActiveX controls.)

Setup utilities include but are not limited to InstallShield, VB Packaging and Deployment Wizard, Visual Studio Setup Project, etc.



Setup utilities generally install a copy of the ActiveX control in the system32 directory and registers it there.

The setup utility assumes that are redistributing the controls in the project to the end user so the development license file is not copied along with the ActiveX Control. This is the intended operation.



Do not add the license file to the list of files distributed by your setup package.

Instead, manually copy ASxxxx.lic to the windows\system32 direc on your development machine.

Alternately, you can re-register the ActiveX Control in the default install location using regsvr32.exe