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How do I use a single control to read/write non-contiguous data areas in sequential transactions?


ActiveX Controls



Automated Solutions' ActiveX Controls can read/write contiguous data areas in a single transaction. The size of the transaction is largely determined by the hardware's capabilities.

For non-contiguous data areas, consult the readme.txt file that shipped with your ActiveX Control to determine whether the version that you own supports synchronous operation.



If your version supports synchronous operation, then you can simply make sequential SyncRefresh calls to read non-contiguous areas.

If your version does not support synchronous operation, you have two options:

1. Contact Automated Solutions to purchase an upgrade that supports synchronous operation. See technote for details.

Technote: Activex Control synchronous versus asynchronous code comparison

2. Automated Solutions has written sample 'tasking code' for all of its products. The code is very flexible, easy to expand, and easy to incorporate in into your project. Call or to request the VB tasking source code for the product that you are working with.