Customer Feedback

Automated Solutions has been a supplier to the industral automation software marketplace since 1994. We've built many strong customer relationships over those years with many customers having been with us since the beginning.

We are thankful to our customers for spreading the word about our company and are always interested in your feedback and application stories. Overall, our customers have had some pretty good things to say about us...

Our application requires scanning and analyzing an object moving at 400 FPM and delivering a cutting solution to the PLC in under 1 second. Our previous PLC communications driver from another vendor took over 9 seconds to write approximately 1000 bytes of data to individual UDT fields in the PLC.

Using the ASCOMM-AB.LOGIX.NET driver, we are able to write the same information directly to a UDT structure in under 50 ms, leaving the remainder of the 1 second for our analysis! This product did everything it advertised and was easy to implement.

Todd M. Bennett P.E.
Progress Engineering, LLC

We received the new ASComm.NET component and are very impressed. Literally, within minutes we were reading and writing data to an Allen-Bradley Controllogix tags via Ethernet, inclusive of user defined tags (UDT) arrays. But then I'm not surprised, after successfully implementing Automation Solutions for several years with Automation Direct products.

Gary Hammitt
HiTech Computing

The availability of the MicroLogix, .NET, and interface products such as Automated Solutions' ASCOMM.NET are allowing us to consider some amazing applications. We are starting to use these tools for everything from electric vehicles to integrated building energy controls. Its all basically generic and hopefully students can apply their experience in their careers.

I try to be honest when influencing students on different products. I've been using Automated Solutions A-B Ethernet ActiveX Control for years and it has been a proven performer. I remain pleased with the .NET product line and continue to pass my thoughts on.

Frank Micelli
A-B Technical College

Like any good addict I am back for more. Your products have enabled me to perform tasks far better and faster then any product I have developed with. You inspire me to dream up more things I can develop for my customers.

Jim Kujawa - 15 year user of Automated Solutions' products
Feyen Zylstra, Inc.

I have received and tested your new control. It is fantastic. Your demo app worked immediately. It took me about 5 minutes to install and run. The hardest part was getting the IP address from my device! I am totally pleased with the control

Steve Benzer

I want to tell you how pleased we have been with the A-B Ethernet ActiveX Control. We have used it on four projects now and it has performed flawlessly. Good product!

Tom Wright
Forte Industries

I have been using your ActiveX drivers with LabVIEW for for a couple of years now. With a little text based programming knowledge, I was able to use your very descriptive help files to easily develop a PLC interface using ActiveX properties and methods in LabVIEW.

Using your software has made my Job so much easier.

Georges Janveau
Columbia Forest Products

Thanks again for the tremendous support that you give with your product. This server is great. It is painless to install and configure. The ease in enabling a client application is amazing. I installed a client application on a couple of computers and it was completely transparent to the operator whether they were on a client or the main server. The update times for information has put anything else that I have seen to shame.

Having seen how fast and easy I have been able to create user-friendly interfaces to the automation equipment with this software, my managers are busy making wish lists which will keep me busy for at least a year. Keep up the good work!!!

John Burgess
Venture Industries

I have to tell you, your AB drivers are PERFECT. I am very pleased with them.

John Becker
Feyen Zylstra

Today I contacted your tech support on a feature we wanted to use but could not figure out how to make it work. In less than one minute the problem was solved!

Thanks for having a great support staff!

David Mendoza

Pacific Western Control Systems Inc.

The documentation is straightforward and explains every aspect in detail. Plus, working with Sales and Support has been a pleasure. Great job, guys. Thanks.

Jerry Batson
Micro-Blend, Inc

'...the OCX blew me away as far as ease and performance. I was even more impressed when I optimized my tag server today, several hundred percent increase in performance over RSLINX.'

Rudie Ashman

Water Resources/The City of Titusville